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You need to know
what's going on
or just need
someone to talk
to  than
here for a reading
This traditionally is passed down from generation to generation. Let no one;fool you it
has alway been easy to find someone breaking the law then it is to find someone who did
worker tie up e mout. Worker then had what we call the gift that came from wi farruh

Given thank to those here before me with extend information . And To My GodMa for
keeping our belief true. Thank You. I am only talkum what my elder had talkum.

We say someone has got you or done you wrong or Bewitch means you have been cross
up or jinx. Root worker would use roots to give you a spiritual bath and give you mojo
bag,or money work,honey jar, or what we a sweeten jar, in their candle sometime they
would do a candle vigil for you & they will do a hotfoot love spell. These has been part of
a conjure worker or root worker belief as well as using conjure oil, or hoodoo oil,Blessing
oil,spell bottle what we now call psychic reading, psychic reading,protection,wealth,
justice, victory over reading,protection,wealth,justice,
victory over your enemies.
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